Steve Smith, known for his unorthodox batting technique, posted a video sharing “some hints and tips on batting” with his followers on Instagram. The former Australia skipper, in his over three-minute long video, talked about “two authentic swings that each player has”. “Batting tips I’ve had lots of people asking me to share some hints and tips on batting. This video is on what I like to call the first authentic swing. I’ll share the second authentic swing in a few days time. Let me what else you would like to see,” Smith wrote on Instagram.

He described two authentic swings as one which involves the top hand and helps in driving the ball straight down the ground and the other one which involves bottom hand, enabling batsman to “smack the ball”.

In the video, he also talked about the importance of pointing the front foot in the direction where they want to hit the ball as it felicitates bending of front knee and get the head over the ball and play the shot in straight line.

He also mentioned how young kids and even some of the professional players “neglect to bring their foot to around that straight line to enable the bat to come through”.

Towards the end, he also suggested a few drills to improve their feet movement and perfect their skills.

Steve Smith, who currently sits on top of ICC Test Batsman ranking, also advised young kids to judge the length and play shots accordingly. He said if it is a short-of-a-length ball it is advisable to defend it and you can drive it if it is a length-ball.

In the end, after elaborating on first type of swing, Smith promised to come up with a video explaining the second type of swing in a few days’ time.

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