It is not that people do not think of doing good for their country and society. No matter how many plans are made, nothing happens. Do you know why? Because we have a habit of putting our responsibility on others.

On this, all the claims are shattered. All the time we will not want to support any irresponsible person. They try to escape from them.

 But we never think of how irresponsible ourselves are. We feel that what will happen if one of mine does something alone? I am not only bad, and how many bad people are there? The world is not going to improve with my improvement alone. In fact, the world is not going to change or improve with our improvement. 

So should we remain irresponsible? If the people from whom people want to stay away, if you look closely, you will find that such people are irresponsible and careless people. Asking is tested, who is encouraged to go ahead and take responsibility.

Now if we are neglected by others, then surely we have to think seriously about our personality. Responsible personality is dear to everyone and careless is disliked by all. 

What personality are you ………..? Take responsibility and be dear to everyone.


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